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Season 1

From the creative genius’ behind The Shield and The Sopranos comes an action packed drama about an outlaw motorcycle club that live life fast and on the edge.

Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is Vice President of ‘The Sons’ and is faced with tough decisions as he struggles with his life, his new born son, his junkie ex-wife and being a member of the club. His father created the club, along with Clay (Ron Perlman) many years ago and now the Sons of Anarchy are a feared motorcycle club dealing arms to local gangs in order fund their ongoing battles with anyone who dares to take them on.

Gemma (Katey Sagal) is married to Clay and mother to Jax. She is a hardened and strict mother and would do anything for the club, she is queen of the club and the members all look up to her.

The club fronts a garage fixing cars in order to gain a legal income whilst the guns trade makes them rich. Each member of the club deals with family pressures while they try battling with drug dealers and law enforcement, as well as trying to protect their hometown; Charming, California.
Sons of Anarchy debuted to critical acclaim for its blend of raucous action and dark humour and has since been nominated for 4 awards and won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series (Katey Sagal).

Episode Listing:
1.    Pilot
2.    Seeds
3.    Fun Town
4.    Patch Over
5.    Giving Back
6.    AK-51
7.    Old Bones
8.    The Pull
9.    Hell Followed
10.    Better Half
11.    Capybara
12.    The Sleep of Babies
13.    The Revelator

Season 2

Sons of Anarchy is an action packed drama about an outlaw group of bikers intent on protecting their town. Full of adrenaline and gritty characters, the show has captured a large audience and is set to grow. The motorcycle club is dedicated to protection, keeping drug dealers out of their town and not letting developers let their town grow any larger.

Season 2 deals with the fallout after Donna’s death. Internal tensions within the club reach an all-time high with Jax and Clay being the centre; Jax is finding it hard to deal with Clay after he put a hit out that backfired and killed Opie’s wife.

Meanwhile, a new enemy’s presence is felt in Charming when the League of American Nationalists, a white separatist movement comes to town. The group, headed by Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) try to stop SAMCRO’s gun business and try their best to force the club out of Charming.

Episode Listing:
1.    Albification
2.    Small Tears
3.    Fix
4.    Eureka
5.    Smite
6.    Falx Cerebri
7.    Gilead
8.    Potlatch
9.    Fa Guan
10.    Balm
11.    Service
12.    The Culling
13.    Na Triobloidi

Meer details

Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • 15
  • Theo Rossi,
  • Charlie Hunnam,
  • Ron Perlman,
  • Katey Sagal,
  • Mark Boone Junior
  • B
  • Dolby Digital
Disc aantal:
  • 6
  • English
Dubbing Languages:
  • English, Spanish

  • English SDH, French, Spanish

  • Sons of Anarchy
  • 20th Century Fox


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