AVG: Premium Security 2012


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Active protection for a faster PC
From banking and shopping to social networks and games, AVG Premium Security 2012 delivers comprehensive protection for every aspect of your online life.

But it’s about more than just security… It’s about speed. Not only is AVG Premium Security 2012 quick to install and easy to use, it actually improves your PC’s performance, eliminating annoying lags and interruptions.

What’s more, AVG Premium Security 2012 proactively searches the web for any suspicious use of personal information such as your email address or credit card number, giving you maximum protection against identity theft.

Newly updated with tools that give you more control than ever over your privacy, AVG Premium Security 2012 is our most sophisticated consumer package yet, designed to block hackers, spam, malware and more without ever getting in your way.

The result? High-speed, award-winning protection that allows you to shop, bank, surf and socialise with complete peace of mind.

In short, AVG Premium Security 2012 works hard while you play hard.
Protects against:

  • Identity theft
  • Malware, spyware and adware
  • Viruses, worms and Trojan horses
  • Spam, scams and phishing
  • Hackers and cybercriminals
  • PC slowdown, crashing and freezing
  • Unwanted tracking
  • Unproven WiFi networks
  • Infected websites
  • Dangerous downloads

Key benefits:

Advanced, proactive identity protection
AVG Premium Security 2012 goes beyond tackling identity threats targeting your PC. It actively tracks down the illegal selling and trading of your personal information and provides alerts regarding potential identity misuse so you can take preventative action.

Speed up your PC and your web experience
Some security products slow down your PC and Internet experience, but AVG Premium Security 2012 actually speeds it up. Enjoy online video without any annoying lags and a faster PC less prone to crashing and freezing.

Award-winning Anti-Virus that just works
Anti-Virus protection that automatically updates to protect you from continually evolving threats. As hackers develop new techniques, AVG’s research labs are constantly processing web data to provide new defences.

Be informed and in control   
Get faster, safer Internet access when you need it most. With proactive advice from AVG, the power to boost performance and enhance protection is in your hands. Block any unwanted tracking of your online activity and stay clear of rogue WiFi networks.

Gaming and surfing without interruptions
AVG Premium Security 2012 knows when you are busy and automatically stays out of your way. During gameplay, security operates in the background only and scans are timed for when you are away from your PC so they never interfere with what you want to do.

Keep messaging free of spam, worms and scams
Keep your inbox clear of spam and protect it from phishing scams and the hidden viruses they contain. AVG Premium Security 2012 also protects you when exchanging files via instant messaging services like Yahoo! and MSN.

Surf and search the web safely
Search and surf freely without having to worry about visiting an infected website. AVG Premium Security 2012 alerts you to the threats, so you can keep clear of them.

Share your life on Facebook, not viruses
With AVG Premium Security 2012, you can stay in touch with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks in the knowledge that every link shared is checked for safety. You won’t pick up a malicious link from your friends – and you won’t send one either.

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AVG: Premium Security 2012

AVG: Premium Security 2012


Bespaar: €3,34


AVG: Premium Security 2012

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AVG: Premium Security 2012
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