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Jean De Florette:

French director Claude Berri’s stunning adaptation of the acclaimed Marcel Pagnol novel is the winner of numerous international awards and is the world's most popular foreign language film ever.

City-dweller Jean de Florette (Gérard Depardieu) moves his family to the Provence countryside in the 1920s to forge a new life as a farmer. But his proud, cocky neighbouring rival Le Papet (Yves Montand) schemes with his simple-minded nephew Ugolin (Daniel Auteuil) to acquire some nearby land, ensuring the novice owner never discovers an all-important natural spring on the property. A wholly captivating, emotionally powerful and beautifully photographed classic epic of innocence, evil, greed, envy and revenge.

Manon Des Sources:

The equally extraordinary, highly successful and award-winning sequel to Jean de Florette takes up the story of the late Jean de Florette’s daughter Manon (Emmanuelle Béart), now grown up into a beautiful and free-spirited young shepherdess on her father’s Provence farm. But when she finally learns the tragic truth behind her father’s death, Manon plots her revenge on the dim-witted Ugolin (Daniel Auteuil) and the scheming Le Papet (Yves Montand). A visual feast containing masterly performances leading to a heart-stopping and totally unexpected conclusion, Manon des Sources, together with its precursor Jean de Florette, is universally acclaimed as the best French films of the past three decades.


This lavish adaptation of Emile Zola’s epic novel about striking coal miners, stars Gérard Depardieu as Maheu, a simple miner who struggles to make a life for his wife (Miou-Miou) and seven children, whilst working in the mines of Le Voreux.

When Etienne Lantier (played by French singer Renaud II), a Belgian outsider, comes to town looking for work, he is befriended by Maheu and employed alongside the hard-working family and soon begins to speak out about social change and the appalling conditions of the coal mines. The contrast between the wealthy villas and lavish meals of the French aristocracy and the hellish atmosphere of the mines, where the workers earn just enough money to keep from starving, is starkly illustrated, in this painstaking and moving evocation of a true classic of French literature.

Lucie Aubrac:

Based on the dramatic true story and novel, Outwitting the Gestapo, Lucie Aubrac is the nail-biting tale of undying love between a couple who are active members of the French Resistance.

Raymond Samuel (Auteuil) is arrested at a Resistance meeting during a raid on a doctor’s surgery, after a tip-off from an inside informant (Aubrac is their underground pseudonym). Lucie (Bouquet) manages to visit Raymond in prison and attempts to rescue Raymond and his fellow prisoners before they are to be executed. Her absolute devotion to her husband leads to a dramatic conclusion, risking life and limb in her attempt to free him from the hands of the Gestapo in one of the most remarkable love stories ever told.

Meer details

  • Carole Bouquet,
  • Miou-Miou,
  • Renaud,
  • Judith Henry,
  • Jean Carmet
  • Claude Berri
  • 2
Disc aantal:
  • 4
  • French
  • English

  • Pathe
Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • 15

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