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This film and Ride in the Whirlwind were shot in the Utah desert, producer Roger Corman suggested that they use a single crew and cast but shoot the two films in rapid succession. Each of the films is of great interest both to lovers of the western genre and of Jack Nicholson's rise to fame. The Shooting is an existential trek into the western wasteland. Nicholson portrays the hired gun alongside Warren Oates, Will Hutchins and Millie Perkins, who together, set out on a man hunt. The plot builds to an incredible finale under the direction of Monte Hellman who makes this one of the best westerns ever filmed and deserving all of it's cult status.


This film and 'The Shooting' were shot in the Utah desert, producer Roger Corman suggested that they use a single crew and cast, but shoot the two films in rapid succession. Each of the films is of great interest to both lovers of the western genre and of Jack Nicholson's rise to fame. Ride in the Whirlwind was scripted by JAck Nicholson and tells the story of a group of cowboys who are mistaken for outlaws and hunted by a band of vigilantes until two are dead and the third becomes a killer in self-defence. The effect of The Shooting and this film have been described as 'mythic', true pioneers of the sort of picture that would emerge as the representative moviemaking style of the late 60's.


This is fun from star to finish; Jack Nicholson in his second starring role-plays a rebellious punk of the beat generation, who spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver and his nights chasing women and troublemaking.

Almost every line of the film has some kind of 'hip slang' of the times, which is hilarious. In the tradition of "The Wild One" and "Rebel Without A Cause" Johnny Varon rules his gang with an iron fist, his obsession leads to kidnapping, a high speed chase and ensuing tragedy.

Johnny Varon doesn't break the law - he makes his own.


As screenwriter, Nicholson wrote himself the role of a "Tremendous psychopath" and it remains a favourite of his early work. Nicholson plays Jay Wickham, who nihilistically marches around Manila, searching for some stolen diamonds. Wickham hops on a plane with his motley crew of conspirators, hoping to slip away with the loot, but they crash in the jungle and, instead of working together to survive they all begin to turn on each other.

In this second of four collaborations with director Monte Hellman, Nicholson steals the show with his now legendary sly grin, deadpan wit and edgy intensity.


Based on James T Farrell's trilogy, which was banned in many countries for it's gritty portrayal of a group of youths living in the Great Depression era of the 1920's America.

It's New Years Eve 1920, Studs Lonigan and friends think they have the world in front of them, when they can't find work there's always the pool hall, the bar and the girls. Studs (Christopher Knight) played with the raw sex appeal of James Dean and the good looks of Marlon Brando has eyes for Lucy but she is taken by a fancier guy, then he loses his best friend and has to deal with the indignity of depression. Jack Nicholson in his fourth film plays a great sidekick in this raw gritty tale of a young man facing a grim and unfriendly world.

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  • Jack Nicholson
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  • English
  • Cornerstone Media
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  • 15

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Jack Nicholson Verzameling - Early Years

Jack Nicholson Verzameling - Early Years DVD


Bespaar: €7,84


Jack Nicholson Verzameling - Early Years DVD

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Jack Nicholson Verzameling - Early Years
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