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Laurel and Hardy classics packaged into one fantastic box set, ensuring hour upon hour of chuckles.

Laurel and Hardy Way out West
Plus Shorts:

  • Way Out West (Black and Whiite)
  • Way out West (Colourised)
  • One Good Turn (Black and Whiite)
  • One Good Turn (Colourised)
  • Thicker Than Water (Black and Whiite)
  • Thicker Than Water (Colourised)

Regarded as the most popular of Laurel and Hardy's feature-length films - not least for the song The Trail of the Lonesome Pine -Way out West sees Stan and Ollie visiting the town of Brushwood Gulch to deliver the deed of a gold mine, only to be deceived by James Finlayson, playing a villainous saloon-keeper.

A great favourite among Laurel and Hardy admirers, Finlayson is featured elsewhere in this compilation through the classic Laurel and Hardy shorts One Good Turn and Thicker than Water.

Laurel and Hardy the Bohemian Girl
Related Shorts:

  • The Bohemian Girl (Black and Whiite)
  • The Bohemian Girl (Colourised)
  • On The Loose (Black and Whiite)
  • That's My Wife (Black and Whiite)
  • Along Came Auntie (Black and Whiite)

A classic full-length Laurel and Hardy film, The Bohemian Girl is based on the opera by Michael W. Balfe. Stan and Ollie play gypsies in Europe as it was centuries ago, earning their living by an ingenious means of picking pockets. When Mrs. Hardy disappears with her lover, they become guardians to a small girl who is really the daughter of an aristocrat. The Bohemian Girl was the last Laurel and Hardy film to feature Thelma Todd, who had worked with the team since their first talkie in 1929.

This compilation includes one of her starring short comedies with ZaSu Pitts, On the Loose, to which Laurel and Hardy contribute a guest appearance. Also included is That's My Wife, a classic silent Laurel and Hardy film that at one stage was going to be reworked as part of The Bohemian Girl, plus the earlier Hardy solo film that inspired its plot, Along Came Auntie.

Laurel and Hardy Saps at Sea
Music Shorts:

  • Saps At Sea (Black and Whiite)
  • Saps at Sea (Colourised
  • You're Too Darn Tootin' (Black and Whiite)
  • Below Zero (Black and Whiite)
  • Below Zero (Colourised)
  • Tiemblay Titubea (Black and Whiite)

A collection of classic Laurel and Hardy, including the feature-length comedy Saps at Sea - Laurel and Hardy's last film for Hal Roach - in which Stan's trombone-playing aggravates Ollie's newly-acquired allergy to the sound of horns!

Continuing the musical connection are two short comedies in which our heroes struggle to earn a living as musicians: Below Zero - presented in both its original version and in its rare Spanish-language edition, with Laurel and Hardfy speaking their own dialogue - and one of their best silents, You're Darn Tootin'.

Laurel and Hardy Sons of the Desert
Related Shorts:

  • Sons of the Desert (Black and Whiite)
  • Sons of the Desert (Colourised)
  • We Faw Down (Black and Whiite)
  • Their Purple Movement
  • On The Wrong Trek

A classic feature film - regarded by many critics as Laurel and Hardy's best - plus the silent short that inspired it, another attempt by Stan and Ollie to escape their wives, plus Laurel and Hardy returning a guest appearance with Charley Chase. In Sons of the Desert Stan and Ollie attend the Chicago convention of their lodge but tell their wives they are going on an ocean voyage for the sake of Ollie's health - then discover that the ship has sunk!

The silent short We Faw Down anticipates this story, with Stan and Ollie claiming to have attended a stage show - unaware that the theatre has burned down. In Their Purple Moment Stan and Ollie go out for an evening without their wives, only to discover that their money has been replaced with useless coupons. Sons of the Desert include a guest contribution from fellow-Roach comedian Charley Chase; On the Wrong Trek sees Laurel and Hardy returning the compliment in one of Chase's own films.

Meer details

  • Stan Laurel,
  • Oliver Hardy,
  • Sharon Lynn,
  • James Finlayson,
  • Rosina Lawrence,
  • Thelma Todd,
  • ZaSu Pitts,
  • Vivien Oakland,
  • Ernie Alexander,
  • Harry Anderson,
  • Charles A. Bachman,
  • Charlie Chase,
  • Mae Busch,
  • Dorothy Christy
  • James W. Horne,
  • Gordon Douglas,
  • William A. Seiter
  • 2
  • 4:3 Full Frame
  • Dolby Digital
Disc aantal:
  • 4
  • English
  • English for the Hard of Hearing (Except for silent films)

  • Laurel and Hardy
Run Time:
  • 791 mins approx.
  • Universal Pictures
Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • U

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The Best of Laurel and Hardy

The Best of Laurel and Hardy DVD



The Best of Laurel and Hardy DVD

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