The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Seizoen 3 en 4 DVD


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Series Three - Disc One
In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner: Nicola Maiden has been bludgeoned to death, and her camping companion Gerry Cole stabbed. When it turns out that Nicola's father is a retired Superintendent in Vice, Lynley and Havers soon uncover dark secrets and find themselves in a murky world of prostitution and revenge. A Traitor to Memory: Lynley and Havers are called away from DCI Webberley's wedding anniversary when Eugenie Martin is killed on a quiet London street. She had deserted her husband and son after the death of her daughter - but that death may hold a clue to her murder.

Series Three - Disc Two
A Cry for Justice: DC Havers and DC Billy Slaven discover a woman's body, Morag MacNichol. It appears she has committed suicide, but Havers feels something is wrong and calls for assistance. When proven right, it sets Havers and Lynley in search of a killer and the answer to a large bag of money found hidden at the scene. If Wishes Were Horses: Lynley and his pregnant wife Helen attend the funeral of Professor Dermot Finnegan, a forensic psychologist and Helen's former mentor. Could the killer be a convicted murderer Finnegan helped put away? Or one of Finnegan's many lovers, a list of which seems to include Lynley's wife.

Series Four - Disc One
In Divine Proportion: It's Havers' first day back at work and she and Lynley find themselves in a Suffolk village, where a young woman has been brutally murdered with a shot gun. Everyone seems to know something, but no one is talking, until a series of clues lead to a suspect who might turn out to be another victim. In the Guise of Death: Havers and Lynley have taken different paths to Cornwall, but end up at the same destination - a barn containing an apparent suicide... and a lot of money. If it's murder, the cause may be wrapped up in a world of horses and coastal smuggling - and the killer may be closer to home than Lynley suspects.

Series Four - Disc Two
The Seed of Cunning: A doorkeeper at the House of Lords has been murdered and Lynley and Havers find themselves caught up in the murky world of politics, lobbyists and arms dealing. This could be their most dangerous case yet as they find themselves up against forces they are helpless to combat. Word of God: The body of a man has been found frozen on a meat truck carrying a British passport and a valuable page from an ancient Koran. But which is the greater clue, the body or the Koran? Under pressure, Lynley may cross a line from which there is no return.

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  • 2
  • Dolby Digital
Disc aantal:
  • 4
  • English
  • The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
  • Acorn Media
Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • 15

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Dit product

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Seizoen 3 en 4

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Seizoen 3 en 4 DVD


Bespaar: €18,94


The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Seizoen 3 en 4 DVD

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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries - Seizoen 3 en 4
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