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The Tomorrow People: Series 4 & 5

Series 4:

The Tomorrow People have been living and working on the Galactic Trig for a number of years. Returning to Earth, John, Liz and Stephen set out to discover if any new homo superiors have broken out (while cheeky Tyso wants time to visit his mother). Unknown to the Tomorrow People, a youngster, Mike Bell, has been honing his telepathic powers in their absence. Mike, in an attempt to save an old man, is pressured into helping two hoods rob the National Victoria Bank. Pulling a fast one he uses his powers to lock the criminals in the vault, letting out a loud telepathic laugh as he does so. John hears Mike's laugh and realises a new TP is breaking out. John, Liz and Stephen choose not to contact the newcomer, preferring to let him break out in his own time. But Mike is beginning to fall in with a bad crowd...

Nature, fearful that mankind will destroy itself, has speeded up the evolutionary process and produced a new species who will take over the Earth and turn it into a planet in which technology will be used only in the cause of peace and wars will be unknown. These are the Tomorrow People, the homo superior!

The Tomorrow People receive a coded distress call from a small spacecraft that's drifting in hyperspace. Stephen and John jaunt aboard the troubled vessel to find Kwaan, a young alien, unconscious. In an attempt to help Kwaan return to his home planet of Regorra - Stephen, Mike and John find themselves trapped onboard an alien ship without the ability to maintain telepathic contact with Elizabeth or TIM. With a supreme effort Liz manages to jaunt aboard with a portable version of TIM...

Series 5:

The Dirtiest Business: The Secret Intelligence Service invade the TP lab looking for Pavla, a Russian telepath, who has escaped the clutches of the KGB. The TP's know nothing of her, but realise that she may be a Tomorrow Person and begin to search for her. Mike finds and attempts to help her, but he's captured by the KGB....

A Much Needed Holiday: This story is an adaptation of a Roger Price - written comic strip. The Tomorrow People go on holiday to the closed world of Galia to take part in an archaeological dig. They soon find that there's more than meets the eye under the calm surface of the planet Galia!

The Heart Of Sogguth: A mysterious character called Jake approaches Mike to manage his group "Fresh Hearts" but Mike finds himself under the control of a malevolent force deadlier than anything the Tomorrow People have ever faced. Can music really be a force for evil?

Special Features:

  • Character Biographies
  • Exclusive Commentaries: from Nicholas Young - Peter Vaughan Clarke - Michael Ho
  • Picture Gallery - Fact Files

Meer details

  • Geoffrey Bayldon,
  • Elizabeth Adare,
  • Stephen Garlick,
  • Michael Holoway,
  • Dean Lawrence,
  • Philip Gilbert,
  • Peter Vaughan,
  • Gabor Vernon,
  • Harold Kasket,
  • Nicholas Young,
  • Vivien Heilbron,
  • Tim Barrett,
  • Raymond Boyd,
  • Brian Coburn,
  • David Corti,
  • Arnold Diamond,
  • Anulka Dubinska,
  • Bella Emberg,
  • Anne Gabrielle,
  • Anthony Garner,
  • John Hollis,
  • Guy Humphries,
  • Roddy Maude-Roxby,
  • Patrick McAlinney,
  • Norman Mitchell,
  • Jan Murzynowski,
  • Derek Pascoe,
  • Jamie Stone,
  • John Summerton,
  • Bill Rice
  • Vic Hughes
  • Free
Disc aantal:
  • 3
  • English
  • The Tomorrow People
  • Revelation Films
Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • U

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