Trial and Retribution - First and Second Collection DVD


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The First Collection:

Trial and Retribution I
Starring Rhys Ifans, David Hayman, Kate Buffery, Corin Redgrave.

When a young policeman makes a gruesome discovery involving a missing five year old girl, a murder investigation is launched. It's led by DS Michael Walker, an old-fashioned detective, who's determined to find the killer at all costs.

Trial and Retribution II
Starring Iain Glen, David Hayman, Kate Buffery, Simon Callow.

Three women are found horrifically assaulted - two are dead, the third is barely alive. As Walker and North question the surviving woman, vital clues to the killer emerge. But why is everyone devoted to Damon Morton and - if he's guilty - can the team bring him to justice?

Trial and Retribution III
Starring Richard E. Grant, David Hayman, Kate Buffery, Simon Callow.

Walker is investigating the murder of a young papergirl, but their only suspect has little obvious motive. North, now with the Vice Squad, suffers from a persistent caller who seems to be losing his mind. When the two paths cross, can a jury untangle the lies and see justice done?

Trial and Retribution IV
Starring David Hayman, Kate Buffery, James Wilby, Corin Redgrave, Zoe Lucker.

In a political promotion, North finds herself re-investigating the eight-year old murder of a gay lover by James McCready. Walker's resentment at North's promotion increases when he discovers his partner is investigating his role in the conviction. McCready seems convinced that Walker was prejudiced against him. Could Walker have tampered with the evidence?

The Second Collection:

Trial and Retribution V
Starring David Hayman, Liz Smith, Simon Callow, Dorian Lough.

When a decayed skeleton is found under the patio of a North London house and then two more skeletons are found, it seems a serial killer has been uncovered. Faced with a chance to resurrect his career, the pressure is on for Walker. But with little forensic evidence, his career, like the bodies, may soon be buried.

Trial and Retribution VI
Starring David Hayman, Tim McInnerny, James Fox, Corin Redgrave.

North's case of a young mother abducted from a wood leads to a wealthy businessman. But when his brother - a known sex offender - claims responsibility, she is faced with a much more complex case. Meanwhile Walker's interview for the role of Commander, is shaken when his ex wife is savagely beaten by her boyfriend, leading him into a violent standoff.

Trial and Retribution VII - Suspicion
Starring David Hayman, Victoria Smurfit, Charles Dance, Amanda Boxer.

The discovery of a severed female hand in the Thames is the start of a gruesome murder hunt. DCI Roisin Connor is the investigating officer, alongside the newly demoted Walker, whose judgment is still in question. It seems like a perfect murder with no body, and the pair lock horns in what becomes a high stakes battle of pride and wits.

Trial and Retribution VIII - Blue Eiderdown
Starring David Hayman, Victoria Smurfit, Colin Salmon, Dorian Lough

When a beautiful young prostitute plunges to her death from the balcony of a smart apartment block, Walker and Connor are thrust into the shadowy realm of the wealthy elite. The daughter of a 1970s' TV star who was also murdered some ten years before, an investigation begins that spans 30 years and probes a world of murder, secrets and paid-for sex.

Meer details

  • David Hayman,
  • Dorian Lough,
  • Victoria Smurfit,
  • Kate Buffery,
  • Gemma Jones,
  • Richard Durden,
  • George Pensotti
  • 2
  • Dolby Digital
Disc aantal:
  • 8
  • English
  • Trial and Retribution
  • Acorn Media
Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • 15

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