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Featuring every episode of Upstairs, Downstairs, the British drama television series which aired from 1971 to 1975. Set in Edwardian, First World War and Inter-war London, the 'classic comedy of manners' depicted the lives of the a rich family (upstairs) and their servants (downstairs). Though comedic, the series documented the social and technological changes between 1903 and 1930 and highlighted the issues of class divisions and this time.

Stars of the series included Jean Marsh, John Alderton, Christopher Beeny, Anthony Andrews and Hannah Gordon.

Episodes Comprise:

Series 1:

1: On Trial

2: The Mistress and the Maids

3: Board Wages

4: The Path of Duty

5: A Suitable Marriage

6: A Cry for Help

7: Magic Casements

8: I Dies from Love

9: Why Is Her Door Locked?

10: A Voice from the Past

11: The Swedish Tiger

12: The Key of the Door

13: For Love of Love.

Series 2:

1: The New Man

2: A Pair of Exiles

3: Married Love

4: Whom God hath Joined...

5: Guest of Honour

6: The Property of a Lady

7: Your Obedient Servant

8: Out of the Everywhere

9: An Object of Value

10: A Special Mischief

11: The Fruits of Love

12: The Wages of Sin

13: A Family Gathering.

Series 3:

1: Miss Forrest

2: A House Divided

3: A Change of Scene

4: A Family Secret

5: Rose's Pigeon

6: Desirous of Change

7: Word of Honour

8: The Bolter

9: Goodwill to All Men

10: What the Footman Saw

11: A Perfect Stranger

12: Distant Thunder

13: The Sudden Storm.

Series 4:

1: A Patriotic Offering

2: News from the Front

3: The Beastly Hun

4: Women Shall Not Weep

5: Tug of War

6: Home Fires

7: If You Were the Only Girl in the World

8: The Glorious Dead

9: Another Year

10: The Hero's Farewell

11: Missing Believed Killed

12: Facing Fearful Odds

13: Peace out of Pain.

Series 5:

1: On with the Dance

2: A Place in the World

3: Laugh a Little Louder Please

4: The Joy Ride

5: Wanted - a Good Home

6: An Old Flame

7: Disillusion

8: Such a Lovely Man.

9: The Nine Days Wonder

10: The Understudy

11: Alberto

12: Will Ye No Come Back Again

13: Joke Over

14: Noblesse Oblige

15: All the King's Horses

16: Whither Shall I Wander?

Total running time - 3400 minutes.

Special Features:

  • Interactive menu
  • None Listed

Meer details

  • Rachel Gurney,
  • Jean Marsh,
  • David Langton,
  • Angela Baddeley,
  • Patsy Smart,
  • Pauline Collins,
  • Keith Barron,
  • Lesley-Anne Down,
  • Gordon Jackson
  • Raymond Menmuir,
  • Cyril Coke,
  • Bill Bain,
  • Derek Bennett,
  • Christopher Hodson,
  • Lionel Harris
  • 2
  • 4:3
  • Dolby Digital
Disc aantal:
  • 21
  • English
  • Upstairs Downstairs
Run Time:
  • 3400 mins approx.
  • Network
Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • 12

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Upstairs Downstairs - Complete Serie [Repackaged] [21DVD] DVD

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Upstairs Downstairs - Complete Serie [Repackaged] [21DVD]
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