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White Van Man is a knockabout comedy sitcom with a warm heart about a reluctant handyman. Ollie is an aspiring restaurateur whose dreams are dashed when his father suffers a heart attack and he has to take over the family painting and decorating business. The story follows the enthusiastic Ollie, who along with his disastrous co-worker, encounter comedy chaos behind each of their customer's front doors.

Episodes Comprise:

Ollie's First Day: Giving up dreams of running his own restaurant, Ollie has taken over the handyman business from his ailing dad, Tony (Clive Mantle: Vicar of Dibley). His first day on the job, Ollie quickly finds himself out of his depth, driven up the wall by his incorrigible assistant Darren (Joel Fry: The Impressions Show) and alienating every client he works for, even getting embroiled in a paternity case. In the midst of it all he runs into an old crush, Emma (Georgia Moffett: Dr Who) and what with everything on his plate, he manages to make an utter fool of himself in front of her.

Turf: Ollie decides it's time to modernise the family business and kicks into marketing overdrive to promote Curry & Sons Home Maintenance. His flyering campaign starts bringing in trade nicely but little does he know they are ruffling some shady feathers. Things really kick up a gear when he discovers that his assistant Darren (Joel Fry: The Impressions Show) has been up all night playing violent online games with web designer called Kat (Joanna Page: Gavin & Stacey).

The Stand: When Jeremy (Rufus Wright: Quantum of Solace) refuses to pay the full amount for a bathroom fitting, Ollie blocks his driveway with the van, refusing to move unless Jeremy coughs up the full amount. This act of rebellion starts to get the attention of the local community. Meanwhile Darren (Joel Fry: The Impressions Show) breaks his friend Irene (Deddie Davies: The Catherine Tate Show) out of an old people's home and promptly loses her.

The Morning After: Darren (Joel Fry: The Impressions Show) wakes up with a dreadful hangover next a beautiful naked woman with no clue as to how he got there. When he sneaks out he finds his boss, Ollie about to knock at the front door ready for their day's work fitting a fireplace in the very house Darren was trying to leave. Meanwhile Emma (Georgia Moffett: Dr Who) finds herself in serious trouble with her financier, Ian (Dexter Fletcher: Hotel Babylon).

Honest: When Ollie finds his dad, Tony (Clive Mantle: Vicar of Dibley) trying to rustle up work in a suspect manner, he decides to draw a line make sure the business runs by the book from now on. Almost immediately Emma (Georgia Moffett: Dr Who) convinces him to break into an Estate Agents for her with the help of the local burglar Ricky (Blake Harrison: The Inbetweeners). Meanwhile Darren attempts to swap a blind woman's sofa with one he stained at his brother's flat.

Beginnings & Ends: Something is up with Ollie. He and Darren (Joel Fry: The Impressions Show) are building a wardrobe for Albert (Brian Murphy: George & Mildred) in a small room and tempers begin to flare. Before long it seems everyone Ollie knows is revealing secrets, leaving him with a big decision to make.

Meer details

  • Will Mellor
  • Iain B. MacDonald
  • 2
  • Dolby Digital
Disc aantal:
  • 1
  • English
  • ITV Home Entertainment
Kijkwijzer classificatie:
  • 15

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White Van Man

White Van Man DVD


Bespaar: €12,30


White Van Man DVD

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